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Why I have Quit my job?

Why I have Quit my job?

A plain answer would be "I don't like to report when leadership fails".

Five major reasons are there.

Reason 1: "College Dream" It is always my dream to run a technology based firm.

Reason 2: During my school days I have attempted to write code using OpenGL with no knowledge or limited knowledge on game programming. I love playing games and developing games.

Reason 3: I would like to build an organic firm where leadership with vision will be the essence, people matters more and process matters less.

Reason 4: I thought it would be the right the time to pitch in and build the world I have dreamt.

Reason 5: Technology is a powerhouse and it should be used wherever improvement and inclusiveness is needed. So, to build businesses powered by technology that enhances wellbeing of people directly/indirectly.

More updates on the way ...