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How I met Mark Skaggs (FarmVille & Red Alert 2 maker)?

During Nasscom Game Developer conference 2015, I got the chance to meet Mark Skaggs for the very first time without knowing nothing about him. Later came to know he is the man behind Red Alert 2 and FarmVille. Both games I loved so much and spent days on it.

Especially, I have to share little more about my connection to Red Alert 2 game. During our school days we have spent half of our time in the Internet cafe to play this one game. It is always my dream to build a game like Red Alert 2. But he himself warn us on making RTS for PC gamers in today's world.

During Conference, When I came to know he is the creator of Red Alert 2, I was very much happy that I have met a great game maker.

Recently during Pocket Gamer Connect Bangalore 2016, Met him again. Had chance to interact with him. He delivered great talks on Game Making. When you listen to him, you will not do big mistakes in your game making. Great insights and he is such a nice human being!

Photograph taken during NGDC Pune …