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FirstSeed and my first team

This is story about my gaming startup FirstSeed and my first team.

For those who don't know about FirstSeed, FirstSeed is a gaming startup based out in Madurai.


FirstSeed is taking its shape. I am happy about it. We don't have plans to introduce games that are very alienated but a good ones that people will enjoy.

We have plans to release a game during November 2015. And some more games after December 2015.

We have a small team of game developers who are highly calibrated towards game development. They are a powerhouse for their artistic skills and programming. Still there are areas to be improved for them. They are highly fresh from the market(College) and but taking solid steps to become great chefs who can bake games.

Soon we will meet you on market (Play Store / App Store)

Forgot to mention a good news here.
We are featured by
Read my story there too.…

QueenzFancy,com is shut down and FirstSeed to sprout out...


I wanted to experiment e-commerce with limited budget i.e. less than 50K. I was successful in that aspect but not successful in terms of sales.

What are the major mistakes I have done?
I wanted to do all the tasks.
Without setting up the context, started business.

Lessons Learnt:
Don't do everything on your own.
Should have enough seed money to do marketing and purchase in parallel.
Too small is not working.

With all these lessons, I will come back for e-commerce after some time by setting up firm context and good marketing strategies and enough investment.

Now back to square one! Game Development.... FirstSeed...