Saturday, August 27

How I met Sadhguru? Part - 2

If you have missed Part - 1 Please click here

I have become more curious about Sadhguru. One thing I have forgotten to tell you in my previous post is that Isha Foundation released its first copy of "Kattupoo", a spiritual, social, life,... covering tamil magazine on that day. I have got my copy and it was so nice. When I searched about him online, I came to know about the book "Atthanaikkum Aasaipadu..". Title itself intrigued me that he confuses already established minds. Because all the time, We were told from our childhood "Spirituality means 'Love is the reason for all suffering' so those who are in spiritual are highly detached from family and surroundings and will goto mountain caves/forest or to some ashram in a remote place".

I read the book "Atthanikkum Aasaipadu" in one shot (Yes!). "How many doors you can open man, that too in a single book?" felt after reading every Q&A in that book. This book led me to read another book on him "Unakkaagavay oru Ragasiyam". Yes! It was meant for me. Similar Q&A style essays made me to ascertain so many things about life. And his partial biography which ran throughout the book parallely to Q&As are so interesting and made me to think, "Yes! Yes! Yes! This is possible but seems magical".

After reading that book became little more curious about Sadhguru. Then I visited website. So many thing I had come to know in and around about Isha. The two prime things are Dhyanalingam and a Theerthkund. I came to know that Dhynalingam is a lingam which has fully energized seven chakras and it is live guru without physical body.  Theerthakund is a preparatory tool to enable a person to be receptive to Dhyanalinam. I could not believe all these stuffs. I didn't know all these chakra stuffs and consecrations during that time. Still had the curiosity to see what it is.

So I planned to visit Isha Yoga Centre and went there one fine day.

In next part, will reveal what happened there.....