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Which Game Engine ?

Long Long ago ... so long ago I wrote blog.. After many months writing again. This time about Game Engines.

While I was learning during my school/college period, I want to make games using the language features alone. I never wanted to make a game using game engine. Somewhere in my mind I felt that using game engine is an inferior activity. I wanted to be a hard core guy!

As the time passes, game making becomes secondary and other tech stuffs like .net, web apps , db occupied my mindspace. When I later decided to quit my job and take up game development as my primary focus area, the first problem that came to me was Which Game Engine / No Game Engine?

That time I was little experienced, so ultimately my number of years in technology told me that going for Game Engine is the right way. Then comes the problem, Which Game Engine?

With the help of google, I came to know about the following game engines/frameworks. Unity, Unreal, LibGDX,GameMaker, SDL, Allegro, Mono...

Whole internet reco…
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Me and FirstSeed so far....

FirstSeed is more than two and half years old now. Released three games to Google Play Store. I have a team of good individuals working with me. They are doing quite good in their jobs. Running a game studio is not a joke. But, we enjoy doing it.

How much money I have made so far? 🤣 .  We are still learning many areas of game making and releasing.

How much money I have invested? $$$. Without my father's support, my wife's support and my friends' support it is not possible to run a startup without making much money.

We earlier focussed on mobile game development alone. Now, We have brought PC games too under our focus. We are building our next PC Game "Quest of Vidhuraa". Will be released by end of 2017.

And we are having a mobile game "To My Home" to be released soon. "To My Home" is a mix of everything. A thrill and exposure to the team. So many reschedules it has met for the past two years. "YET TO BE LAUNCHED"

We are yet to meet…

என் மகளுக்காக நான் எழுதியது... (கவிதையாக கூட இருக்கலாம்)

ஆடி ஆடி மயில்
பாடி பாடி குயில்
கூடி கூடி பெருங்குடி
ஓடி ஓடி விளையாடி

ஆடி ஆடி கொண்டாடி
பாடி பாடி படி
கூடி கூடி கைபிடி
ஓடி ஓடி பள்ளியொடு

தேடி தேடி கிழவரை
சாடி சாடி கிழவியை
மூடி மூடி வெட்கத்தை
நெடி நெடி உயரத்தை

கூறு கூறு சொந்தம்
சேரு சேரு மக்கள்
வீரு வீரு வீரம்கொள்
இரு இரு உண்மையோடு

வாடி வாடி அன்புச்செல்வமே! அறிவமுதே!
நீண்டு நீண்டு வாழ்கவே! என் செல்ல மகளே!

- அன்புடன்
மதுரை செந்தில்

என் மகள் பிறந்த நாளை முன்னிட்டு நான் கவிதை என்று எண்ணி எழுதியது.

Why a gaming startup? FirstSeed!

I write occasionally. This time I would like to share about why I started game development studio FirstSeed.

Many of you might wonder why this guy chose this field? I would like to add reasons for selecting game development as my core business. During my school days, I played "9999999 in 1" handheld console games. It was interesting those days. Later got an opportunity to play TV Console game. I got to play games like Mario, Contra, BaseBall, Bomberman. I loved these games to the core. This was the first time I felt so much connected to something. I got a feel of myself jumping there. Whenever I pressed Jump button, together with Mario me too jumped a little bit. So I was always finding excuses to play games.

During my higher secondary education, got into PC games and played Need for Speed, Road Rash, EA Cricket. These games entertained me very well. But Age of Empires II and Red Alert 2 are no more just games during that time. They were life during those days. Actually, we…

How I met Sadhguru? Part - 3

If you have missed my earlier posts on this series, links are here: Part-1 ,  Part-2

Yes! I have arrived at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore. My mind that time: "What are there? How it will be? Little afraid and skeptical" It is around 6'o clock in the morning. Myself and my cousin brother was entering Dhyanalingam campus. To enter into Dhyanalingam campus, you have to climb up few(3/4) stairs and climb down few stairs. We both climbed up the stairs and stood there. I was looking around.

My cousin shooked me and told "Annae! Anga paarunga, Sadhguru varraaru (Brother! See there, Sadhguru is coming)". Yes! He walked towards us while talking with a foreigner. Bowed to him with hands together (Namaskaram)! He also did to us. When he saw me with his eyes. It is like a super sharp sword cuts you into pieces! We have passed them. But I could not resist turning back. When I turned back, I happened to see a person bowed down to his feet and crying. I could not understand w…

How I met Sadhguru? Part - 2

If you have missed Part - 1 Please click here

I have become more curious about Sadhguru. One thing I have forgotten to tell you in my previous post is that Isha Foundation released its first copy of "Kattupoo", a spiritual, social, life,... covering tamil magazine on that day. I have got my copy and it was so nice. When I searched about him online, I came to know about the book "Atthanaikkum Aasaipadu..". Title itself intrigued me that he confuses already established minds. Because all the time, We were told from our childhood "Spirituality means 'Love is the reason for all suffering' so those who are in spiritual are highly detached from family and surroundings and will goto mountain caves/forest or to some ashram in a remote place".

I read the book "Atthanikkum Aasaipadu" in one shot (Yes!). "How many doors you can open man, that too in a single book?" felt after reading every Q&A in that book. This book led me to read a…

How I met Sadhguru? Part - 1

I was pursuing my Masters at College of Engineering, Guindy. In the year 2007, Isha Gramotsavam was conducted at my college grounds. There were hoardings around college of a man with white beard and turban displaying that there will be sathsang at 6 PM.  Little background about my mind set that time : To the core I hate all these saamiyaars and gurus. When somebody gave me the book "Kadhavai Thira Kaatru Varattum" by Nithyananda. I have read one page and never looked back at the book. I have understood that the words in that book makes no sense. I clearly know one thing that I dont know anything about god stuffs. But with our brought-up, I have sense to bow down to Gods and pray to them. Background is over.

Within that week I happened to see that man with white beard face some three/four times. Whenever I see his face, I had a feel of pull towards him. I was always happy irrespective of the situations of life. I don't have a problem so I that I was looking for a solace.…