Tuesday, August 30

How I met Sadhguru? Part - 3

If you have missed my earlier posts on this series, links are here: Part-1 ,  Part-2

Yes! I have arrived at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore. My mind that time: "What are there? How it will be? Little afraid and skeptical" It is around 6'o clock in the morning. Myself and my cousin brother was entering Dhyanalingam campus. To enter into Dhyanalingam campus, you have to climb up few(3/4) stairs and climb down few stairs. We both climbed up the stairs and stood there. I was looking around.

My cousin shooked me and told "Annae! Anga paarunga, Sadhguru varraaru (Brother! See there, Sadhguru is coming)". Yes! He walked towards us while talking with a foreigner. Bowed to him with hands together (Namaskaram)! He also did to us. When he saw me with his eyes. It is like a super sharp sword cuts you into pieces! We have passed them. But I could not resist turning back. When I turned back, I happened to see a person bowed down to his feet and crying. I could not understand what was happening there. But bowed down to him second time. This time also he nodded his head to me a little bit as acknowledgement. Felt great.

With this feeling, Entered to TheerthKund, a pool in which a lingam was made submerged. I thought like it is like taking bath in ponds in our villages. When I kept my right foot over the water, Literally felt a electric shock like experience. Oh! Oh! I could not resist it. Toe to Head! I have understood that  words that I saw in Isha Foundation website is true. I agreed with myself. Yes! It is a tool to activate yourself. Been there for fifteen minutes and changed my clothes to fresh ones that I brought.

Entered into Dhyanalinga core parikrama. A Big lingam was standing there to submerge me! Sat there for more than 1/2 an hour. Yes! You have to experience it! Lifted me in my experience! "WoW! This is it and it is complete! End to End".

Had tasted sesame based food balls offered as "Ellu Prasadham". Very tasty! Bought some more for family.

Even today, still have feeling like, When I happened to meet him in a close proximity, should have hugged him and bowed down to his feet. Waiting for that day...

With this post, I conclude this series "How I met Sadhguru".  Will share more about Isha and Sadhguru  in my next series "Sadhguru and me".