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How to access PC's internet from Android Emulator?

PC's Internet and Android emulator

If PC's Internet connection is configured with manual proxy settings, Follow the below steps.

1) You can launch your Emulator from command line with DNS server detail.
 Syntax : "emulator -dns-server <DNS Server IP address>"
 Example: emulator -dns-server ( is Google's Public DNS Server)
  Goto Eclipse->Window->Preferences->Android->Launch and give "-dns-server " and then launch your emulator.

2) In emulator goto "Settings->Wireless & Networks->Mobile Networks->"
      2.1) Ensure that "Data roaming" is checked.
      2.2) Select Access Point Names
      2.3) Select an APN. (eg. Telkila )
      2.4) Manually set the Proxy Server and Port details.

If PC's Internet connection is configured with Automatic proxy settings, Follow above steps except step 2.4  and ensure that No proxy server detail or port detail is mentioned for the selected APN.

You are done. Launch browser or Google Maps and test the internet connectivity before testing it from your application.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks! After a lot of searching, this is what did it in my specific scenario. I'm using a VMWare machine, so disabling all my NIC's will not work.
anonymous said…
where to set -dns-server in launch?
also emulator is not recognizable command inn command to set -dns-server ??
Katturaja said…
To launch from command line,
Go to command prompt
go to \tools

then type "emulator -dns-server

Example: emulator -dns-server


To launch from Eclipse.

Go to Window Menu, Select Preferences then select Android and select launch under Android
then type "-dns-server "
September 14, 2011 9:52 AM
Ramiz said…
After hours of searching, this worked for me. Thanks.
Abhay said…
Thanks .. worked for me after I used the proxy server ip address instead of server name
qyw said…
thanks for solution. but I try it and the internet still can not be accessed. is there any thing I should try? thanks alot.
vijay said…
thanks a ton ... the last one really worked
Ravindra said…
Thanks a lot.. its worked for me...

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