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How I met Sadhguru? Part - 1

I was pursuing my Masters at College of Engineering, Guindy. In the year 2007, Isha Gramotsavam was conducted at my college grounds. There were hoardings around college of a man with white beard and turban displaying that there will be sathsang at 6 PM.  Little background about my mind set that time : To the core I hate all these saamiyaars and gurus. When somebody gave me the book "Kadhavai Thira Kaatru Varattum" by Nithyananda. I have read one page and never looked back at the book. I have understood that the words in that book makes no sense. I clearly know one thing that I dont know anything about god stuffs. But with our brought-up, I have sense to bow down to Gods and pray to them. Background is over.

Within that week I happened to see that man with white beard face some three/four times. Whenever I see his face, I had a feel of pull towards him. I was always happy irrespective of the situations of life. I don't have a problem so I that I was looking for a solace. I felt weird why I there is pull when I see his face. Finally I have decided to attend that 6'o clock sathsang with Sadhguru.

When I went there, There are lakhs of people. Oh! I didn't expect such a big crowd. Had a feeling "Avlo periya appatakkaraaa?" I sat there, Listened to the speech. I have understood that this is not a speech by stage speaker. logically I can understand He speaks truth. But still I had a feeling, anybody with good smartness can speak like this.

Later, He guided us for a simple meditation. Game Over! Yes It happened. You might question me "What such big thing happened to you?". Certain things you have to experience. I am not expecting you to believe this but this is what happened. It is like floating in my experience and it is rich. Felt a "Wow! He is the man! No No He is the light".

At the end, He began to sing "Yogeeswarayaa Maha devaayaa..." Melted to tears. For no reason I ran towards him.

Will see you in Part - 2!

* Yogeeswaraya song link if you wish to listen : Click Here to listen


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