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Why a gaming startup? FirstSeed!

I write occasionally. This time I would like to share about why I started game development studio FirstSeed.

Many of you might wonder why this guy chose this field? I would like to add reasons for selecting game development as my core business. During my school days, I played "9999999 in 1" handheld console games. It was interesting those days. Later got an opportunity to play TV Console game. I got to play games like Mario, Contra, BaseBall, Bomberman. I loved these games to the core. This was the first time I felt so much connected to something. I got a feel of myself jumping there. Whenever I pressed Jump button, together with Mario me too jumped a little bit. So I was always finding excuses to play games.

During my higher secondary education, got into PC games and played Need for Speed, Road Rash, EA Cricket. These games entertained me very well. But Age of Empires II and Red Alert 2 are no more just games during that time. They were life during those days. Actually, we(with my friends) used to devise strategies to win campaigns and frame new tactics to follow during LAN match. At this point of time, came this thought! "I would like to build my own game" Because these games created so many interactive experiences to me, so I wanted to create a similar experience or more than that through my games.

Answer for that thought = FirstSeed


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Which Game Engine ?

Long Long ago ... so long ago I wrote blog.. After many months writing again. This time about Game Engines.

While I was learning during my school/college period, I want to make games using the language features alone. I never wanted to make a game using game engine. Somewhere in my mind I felt that using game engine is an inferior activity. I wanted to be a hard core guy!

As the time passes, game making becomes secondary and other tech stuffs like .net, web apps , db occupied my mindspace. When I later decided to quit my job and take up game development as my primary focus area, the first problem that came to me was Which Game Engine / No Game Engine?

That time I was little experienced, so ultimately my number of years in technology told me that going for Game Engine is the right way. Then comes the problem, Which Game Engine?

With the help of google, I came to know about the following game engines/frameworks. Unity, Unreal, LibGDX,GameMaker, SDL, Allegro, Mono...

Whole internet reco…

Tabs at the bottom of TabActivity

Tabs at the bottom of TabActivity
By default tabs in Android are displayed at the top. It is a general guideline for android developers to keep the tabs at top of the Tabs based application since lot of Android mobiles are having their home, back,search buttons or touch interface at the bottom

But its purely our decision :)

There are two ways to achieve this.
Using RelativeLayout Using "android:layout_weight" attibute  1) Using RelativeLayout: .xml will look like the following.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TabHost xmlns:android=""
        <FrameLayout android:id="@android:id/tabcontent"

Windows Workflow : Dependency Property "does not define a static dependency property with name"

If you encounter the below exception while registering a DependencyProperty

"Error 103 Could not create activity of type 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'. System.ArgumentException: Type 'xxxxxxxxxx' does not define a static dependency property with name 'xxxxxxProperty'.
Parameter name: ownerType
   at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.DependencyProperty.ValidateAndRegister(String name, Type propertyType, Type ownerType, PropertyMetadata defaultMetadata, Type validatorType, Boolean isRegistered)
   at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.DependencyProperty.Register(String name, Type propertyType, Type ownerType)
   at xxxxx..cctor()"


If you are registering Dependency Property with name 'XYZ' then the declaration should be exactly like this,

public static DependencyProperty XYZProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("XYZ", typeof(bool), typeof(ApprovalWorkflow));
        public bool IsRestarted
            get { return ((bool)(GetValue(XYZPrope…